HELP ME OUT Training Program is dedicated to everyone who wants to IMPROVE there PERFORMANCE on the course. Training programs are designed for all ages and are also adjustable to handlers with injures.With us, you won’t just build your muscles and gain speed, but you will also build your MIND. A lot of mind exercises, morning challenges, which will prepare you not only to be BETTER, more FOCUSED, more CONFIDENT on the course, but also in normal life.

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Private Lessons

ENTRIES are open through WHOLE YEAR

Private lessons are suitable for all people, who would like to work with me through individual MONTHLY SESSIONS. Every month you book, is designed specially for you and in that time, we work on everything you want, or needs to be improved like:

  • improving acceleration/deceleration
  • improving speed
  • working on cardio or weight loss
  • solving any kind of individual problems that you have encountered during your agility training

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