SPEED&MIND Training Program is dedicated to everyone who wants to IMPROVE there PERFORMANCE on the course. Training programs are designed for all ages and are also adjustable to handlers with injures.

With us, you won’t just build your muscles and gain speed, but you will also build your MIND. A lot of mind exercises, morning challenges, which will prepare you not only to be BETTER, more FOCUSED, more CONFIDENT on the course, but also in normal life.

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HELP ME OUT Training Program

NEW CLASS starts 14th of SEPTEMBER 2020



online Training Program


As WORKING TEAM, you get 1 on 1 APPROACH, completely dedicated to your needs


SELF CONFIDENCE trainings, FOCUS and DISCIPLINE trainings, STRESS ISSUES around big competitions – 1 on 1 APPROACH

GET in SHAPE training consist of:
Full body cardio workouts to increase stamina.
Speed Drills on agility ladder for coordination and feet awareness
Dumbbell/Barbell exercises to increase your strength

– we will be focusing on heathy food preparation based on weight loss or muscle building. I will show you my recipes, so you will be able to start making healthy food from fresh ingredients.

All lessons and exercises will be explained in detail. Why this exercise, how you can implement that in course running and detailed explained of it’s execution.

On the beginning of the program, you will get thoroughly designed training schedule, where you will be able to track your progress on a daily base.

Equipment you will need:
– cones
– jump rope
– resistance bands for legs (recommended light ones for beginners)
– dumbbells (2 dumbbells of 3 or 5 kg)

For every exercise you will need about 5 – 15 minutes and you will be able to do them in your own home. You just need 2x2m of space.

Main advantages: short sessions, fun exercises, interesting challenges, video explanation and individual coaching.


Running Technique

"I took Jaka's online class because I wanted to step up my abilities as an agility handler. I knew I wasn't in the right place physically and wanted a trainer that knew specifically what agility handlers need. I was shocked at the quality, thoughtful, and thorough content of his program! He takes such a personal interest in his students! It's hard to find people that truly care, and he unquestionably does! He wants his students to succeed and provides them the support to do so. His course lit the fire within me to get my fitness back on track and be the partner my dog deserves. Thank you Jaka!"

Britney Collins-Imhof, USA TEAM


Chantal Bissonnette‎
What will you gain with HELP ME OUT Training program?
  • proper technique of movement, balance and speed
  • better strength in your legs, so you will be able to run faster
  • better physical condition, which will able you to run longer
  • better coordination, so you will be able to maneuver your body faster through any agility course
  • better starts from any position
  • better stops before an obstacle or unexpected situation
  • better version of yourself - confident, focused and ready for action

  With signing in the class as a WORKING team, you get 12 weeks of PERSONAL COACHING from me, thoroughly designed exercises and videos from everything we are working on in the class. During that time, you are able to post unlimited number of videos from your training.

If you join as an AUDITOR, you are able to see all the videos and exercises and you are able to post unlimited number of questions. But you can not post your own videos and you do not get a personal feedback on your training.

Price for WORKING team is 180 € and for AUDITORS 110 €.

For more info, you can contact me on fb or through e-mail: capuder.jaka@gmail.com

See you in the class! And don’t forget: "PUSH YOUR LIMITS FORWARD - find them and brake them to pieces. That is the only way you will progress!!"

Choose your training plan

  • 180
  • As Working spot:
    • 1 on 1 APPROACH
      (within 24h)
  • 110
  • As Auditor:
    • you can see all training videos
    • ask questions

If you don’t have PAYPAL account, you can also make PAYMENT through company account: 

FUNtastic DOG d.o.o.
Tolčane 15, 1303 Zagradec, Slovenia

IBAN: SI56 1010 0005 8585 182 (Banka Intesa Sanpaolo d. d.)
Swift Code: BAKOSI2X
VAT number: SI 79768792

The address of the bank:
Banka Intesa Sanpaolo d. d.
Pristaniška ulica 14
6502 Koper, Slovenia

This class not only made me a lot faster on the agility course and helped me gain better overall strength and condition. I also learned to run in a more efficient way that is easier on my body, learned that the impossible can be possible and achived a much stronger mindset. Loved the great variation of exercises, the fun challenges and the fast and precise feedback that helped me to develop so many new skills. Thank you, Jaka, I will never regret taking this class!

Annika Olsson, SWEDEN