SPEED&MIND Training Program is dedicated to everyone who wants to IMPROVE there PERFORMANCE on the course. Training programs are designed for all ages and are also adjustable to handlers with injures.

With us, you won’t just build your muscles and gain speed, but you will also build your MIND. A lot of mind exercises, morning challenges, which will prepare you not only to be BETTER, more FOCUSED, more CONFIDENT on the course, but also in normal life.

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Push your limits forward

Train with the best experts in conditioning training. Go out of your comfort zone and let results speak to themselves. Join us with COMPLETELY NEW exercises and nutrition plans.

We will be focusing on WARM UP and COOL DOWN routine, right RUNNING TECHNIQUE, COORDINATION on the course, CONDITION training for stamina improvement and STRENGTH exercises muscle building

We will be focusing on HEALTHY FOOD INTAKE and preparation for TRAINING or COMPETITION

We will be focusing on COURSE PREPARATION routine, SELF CONFIDENCE trainings, STRESS ISSUES around big competitions and on NEW DAILY habits

We will be focusing on OURSELVES, our INSIDES and how to RELAX your body with YOGA exercises

Become the best
parter for your dog


Everytime you go one the course, your dog gives 150% for you.
No matter the course, no matter the conditions, he gives his heart for you. It is time that you give him back, what he deserves.

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SPEED&MIND Training Program
We start 06.04.2020 (6th of April 2020)
  • 180
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      (within 24h)
  • 110
  • As Auditor:
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Thanks to all the coaching and positive feedback from Jaka my running has improved along with my ability to get where I need to be on a course. There have been many that have noticed my improvement and I can't thank him enough for all he has done. His direction has helped me to continue to want to improve to be the best for my wonderful agility partner!

Bonnie Opal, USA